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The MerrTino Difference


Our Communication

A key component in any case! Making sure we have a thorough understanding of your investigative needs and confirming that you know exactly how our services and abilities will work for you. Why is keeping the client informed throughout the case so critical? Because of the possibility of significant findings that could change the direction and scope of the case. Incremental steps can be extremely valuable in helping our clients identify and prepare for their needs. Many of our clients have shared that in addition to a superior work product, our communication with them was one of the main reasons they continued to use our services and was key to their continued success.


Our Advisory Board

We are extremely proud of our association with our Advisory Board members. These highly skilled and uniquely experienced individuals have held key positions with the Federal Government, Military, Tactical Medical, Law Enforcement, and Legal fields. Our vast network of fellow colleagues, which has been accumulated over decades, gives us an advantage when looking at various resources and skillsets when handling your case. This group allows us to produce training and seminars on a variety of topics that are critical to your business success, risk mitigation, and safety.


Our Team

We hire highly trained and experienced investigators. From Surveillance, Research investigations, obtaining critical data, Risk and Business consulting, Cyber Security, and other forensic specialties, our team stands ready to assist you. Our investigators are able to elicit cooperation from a wide variety of sources and react to project adjustments and changes promptly and efficiently.


Our Commitment 

Knowledge is key, especially when it concerns your business or legal case. No one can be expected to know everything. Use us as your resource! We are here for you, whether you need to run a quick scenario by us or get thoughts on what you may be looking at for possible exposure or unknowns.


Our Support

We offer seminars and training for your continued education in keeping your business and profession in the know. There is so much information coming at everyone, on a daily basis, that it’s difficult to keep up to date on critical issues that could affect your world. We provide this valuable resource as an added benefit to keep you apprised of tell-tale "red flags" and other issues to be aware of for your safety and security.


Our Promise

Expert Partners. Exponential Returns

To bring the power of hidden knowledge to light and protect our clients when they are most vulnerable. 

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